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Chemical Mixing System

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Autex AutoMixer / Space Saver

Autex AutoMixer mixes concentrate developer and fixer with water in a clean and consistent way. The user simply uncaps the concentrate bottles, places them in proper order in the bottle wells, and pushes down to start the automatic mixing sequence. Bottle punches are stationary and recessed - no moving knife-like piercing systems. Water jets thoroughly mix the chemistry with no adjustments needed. Autex AutoMixer introduces the correct amount of water based on desired specific gravity of the completed mixture. The processor replenishment pumps draw chemistry from the mixer tanks as required.

Versatile 5 & 10 Gallon Mix

Autex AutoMixer accurately mixes 5 and 10 gallons of working solution. After the first five gallons are added, an additional five gallons may be mixed, allowing a larger volume of working solution to be available when needed.

Low Level Warning

Audible and visual signals alert personnel for easy mixing of fresh Autex chemistries. The alarm will be activated if either tank senses a low level.

Clean Work Area

Compact Autex AutoMixer eliminates the need for large bulky storage tanks and needless spills and splashes.

Specific Gravity Floats

Precisely machined plastic floats shut off the flow of incoming water when a batch of developer or fixer has been mixed to the proper specific gravity. Autex AutoMixer delivers properly mixed chemicals, batch after batch. Simplified Maintenance & Safety

All internal electrical circuitry operates at 24 volts, and is simplified for easy maintenance. The electrical connections are under one housing in the center of the unit.
Autex AutoMixer
Space Saver
Tank Capacity 12.5 gallons each
47 liters each
7.5 gallons each
28 liters each
Dimensions 16"D x 23 3/4"W x 32 1/2"H
41 cm x 60 cm x 83 cm
16"D x 23 3/4"W x 22"H
41 cm x 60 cm x 56 cm
U.L. Listing E64395 E64395

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