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For 42 years, the CPAC brand has been a leader in chemicals, mixers, silver recovery equipment, refining and accessories for Imaging professionals. No other manufacturer offers as complete a line for the wet process. Products are manufactured on four continents and sold in over 100 countries to photographic, medical, dental and graphic arts professionals. Follow this link to learn more about CPAC, Inc.

Allied Diagnostic
Imaging Resources, Inc.

Setting industry standards for processing chemicals used in the medical, dental and industrial x-ray markets, graphic arts and micro-film industries, and the color photographic market in North, South, and Latin America.

T: 800.262.9333
F: 201.995.2443

CPAC Equipment, Inc.

Combining high quality silver recovery equipment, regulatory knowledge, and imaging expertise to help our customers formulate cost effective solutions for achieving environmental compliance in North and South America, Europe, Russia, and the Pacific Rim.

2364 Leicester Road
Leicester, NY 14481
T: 585.382.3223
F: 585.382.9481

CPAC Europe, N.V.

Producing chemicals for the color photographic, x-ray, and microfilm industries for customers in Europe, Russia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Industriepark Klein Gent
2200 Herentals, Belgium

CPAC Italia, S.R.L

Leading Italy's development of color and black & white photographic chemistries, as well as medical and graphic arts formulations in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Chimifoto Ornano
Via C. Porta,49/56
20064 Gorgonzola, Italy
T: 39.02.95300952
F: 39.02.95138242

CPAC Africa (PTY) LTD.

The African continent's only photographic chemical manufacturer, serving sub-Sahara Africa and New Zealand. A subsidiary of CPAC Europe.

Zandpark, Richardsbay Avenue
Pretoria, South Africa
T: 27.12.372.0671
F: 27.12.372.0674

CPAC Asia Imaging Products LTD.

Producing premium quality photographic solutions and private label photographic chemistry for the Pacific Rim and Middle East.

112 Moo 9, Bangna-Trad
Highway KM 36
Bangkok, Thailand
T: 6638.570966.9
F: 6638.570970

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